Private Jungle Adventure Hike


RM299/pax | Minimum 7 pax/Group

Jadual Perjalanan 

Hari Pertama

  1. Check In (2.00 PM)
  2. Makan tengah hari
  3. Minum petang (peralatan & bahan disediakan)
  4. Aktiviti mengenal alam di Dusun Exothick
  5. Makan malam

Hari Kedua

  1. Sarapan
  2. Hiking Bukit Raya
  3. Makan tengah hari
  4. Minum petang (peralatan & bahan disediakan)
  5. Makan malam/BBQ

Hari Ketiga

  1. Sarapan
  2. Check out (12.00 PM)

*Min pax hanya kepada 7 orang bagi satu kumpulan. Harga adalah bagi seorang RM299 dan bagi satu kumpulan (7 orang x RM299 = RM2093) selama 3 hari perjalanan.

*Harga Pakej telah termasuk Permit untuk memasuki Hutan Simpan dan Malim Gunung.

*Menu makanan Premiun Ikan Patin, Talapia Gunung 


Forest Bathing (Mandi Embun), Private Jungle Adventure Hike to a hidden waterfall, camp, and become one with nature. If you like to be outdoors and enjoy natural pools, this would be a good option.

These waterfalls are called “Air Terjun Tacing” and are a few minutes away from Dusun Exothick. They are amazing, well-preserved local gems, and they’re not open to the public. To get there, you have to pass through a super serene rainforest that is a reserved forest and hike to the top of the hill.

We will leave in the morning to climb the hill. The morning is the best time to walk in the forest, giving us many benefits. It is called “Forest Bathing” (Mandi Embun). Forest therapy isn’t the same as exercising. It doesn’t necessarily involve raising your heart rate, as hiking or jogging would. The focus here is on the mental health benefits of immersing yourself in the natural world and letting your mood guide your activity. It’s essentially a chance to step back from the cares of daily life and simply be.

At the top of the hill, there is a scenic viewpoint overlooking a valley, and it is such a nice place for relaxing and enjoying the incredible view. This place is surrounded by beautiful natural views, which serveS as the perfect setting for just sitting and watching nature. We can also experience camping inside the forest, and at night we can set up a campfire. It’s a very interesting activity to explore.


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